Dhruval Shah
Master's Student at CSUSM

Software Engineer Intern at MLveda

• Developed Alexa skill to generate web application in Hibernate framework.
• ML project to recommend recipe using available ingredients.
• Recipe recommendation system by scanning available ingredients and user’s food choice.
• An android application to create a reminder of the installment premium due for different insurance policies.
• Flight recommendation System to provide cheapest and fastest flight from destination A to B.

Java Developer at Softvan

• Developed Alexa skill to generate web application in the Hibernate framework and Spring framework.

Media and Graphics Designer at university megazine The Quill

Uses Photoshop, Corel draw and illustrator software to design pages of the magazine

Campus Head of Hasura

Create healthy environment for beginners and build community to countribute in open source technologies

  • JAVA Deloper
  • Graphics in C
  • AWS
  • Firebase App
  • Photoshop
  • Android App Developer
  • Web to Android App

Certification Courses Completed

Name Description Completed
Learn to Program in Java: A Review of the Basics An online course from Microsoft Virtual Academy on basics of JAVA Programming Jan 2017
Relational Algebra An online course from Stanford University on Relational Algebra Apr 2017
SQL An online course from Stanford University on SQL Apr 2017
Empowering Your Journey to the Cloud An online course from Microsoft Virtual Academy on basics of cloud Sep 2017
Cybersecurity Reference Architecture An online course from Microsoft on Cybersecurity Oct 2017
Contributing to the Live Project, Microsoft's New AI Chatbot - Ruuh Development of ChatBot Ruuh Jun 2018
Predictive Modeling Fundamentals Level 1 course by IBM Oct 2018
Social Media Marketing Guided by Casio and Oyster Nov 2018
Cloud Computing Techgig.com Dec 2018

About Me

I am master's student of Computer Science at California State University - San Marcos. My prefessional background is in Computer Engineering. I've graduated with B.Tech in Information Technology from CHARUSAT University. My current intrests includes Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Software Engineering.

Academic Projects

Name Description
Profitable Dustbin A dustbin made with Arduino and biometric sensor to reward user for recycling and garbage items disposing properly to dustbin. This project has received local media coverage. State Government of Uttar Pradesh, India implemented this project in Kumbh Mela in 2018 to promote Clean India Campaign.
Alexa can Code Developed Alexa skill to generate Web application which takes number of fields, tables, forms, files and their names from user and generates code for this web application. Which can easily be added in template to host web application. It's in Hibernet framework.
Flight Recommendation System An application which recommends user to choose best flight possible at lowest cost and in minimum time.
Planet Wars Created an AI that can defeat opposing AIs to win Planet Wars game.
Real-time device tracker An android application with firebase real-time database, which tracks device and shows current location. It also generates path for given time-frame.
Advanced Security Camera Security camera installed in room to detect unusual movement. If anything wrong detected by camera, it'll send notification to local authorities and also neighbours.